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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In old age the wear and tear in our body leads to wearing away (loss) of tooth enamel or tooth structure which may involve one tooth or all the teeth. Loss of tooth structure may occur due to several reasons like involuntary grinding of teeth against each other, due to caries or cavities in teeth, improper brushing technique. The loss of tooth structure due to grinding or improper brushing is reffered to as “Attrition and Abrasion” respectively. “Cavities” in teeth are caused due to food lodgment causing “caries”.

The affected tooth can be saved using various treatment options like root canal treatment and capping or crowning etc. Those teeth which cant be saved has to be extracted and replaced with dental implants or bridging. Depending on the condition or the status of the affected tooth the specialist at Aryas Dental and Implant Clinic decides which treatment is better.

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“Full mouth restoration” involves treating all the teeth if missing or decayed with a recommended choice of treatment.

If all the teeth are “missing” then they can be “fixed” by utilizing support from “dental implants” or can be a “removable prosthesis” like “dentures”.

If the bite (the way the upper and lower teeth meet each other) is collapsed due to attrition or missing posterior or anterior teeth causing difficulty in biting and chewing.

If all the teeth have some amount of “attrition” or decay like “cavities” then they can be “root canal treated” if required or they can be “capped or crowned”.

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