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Dental Extractions

In cases of severe tooth decay or when the prognosis for a tooth is beyond preservation, the path to dental extraction becomes necessary. These extracted teeth can subsequently be replaced with dental bridges or implants. At “Aryas Dental and Implant Clinic” our experienced dentists conduct thorough evaluations to determine whether a tooth can be saved or if extraction is the recommended course of action.

Common reasons for the extraction of teeth include:

1. Pain: Persistent or severe dental pain can necessitate the removal of a tooth to alleviate discomfort.
2. Swelling in Gums: Swelling in the gums surrounding an affected tooth can be indicative of the need for extraction.
3. Root Infections: When infections affect the roots of teeth, extraction may be the most suitable solution.
4. Foul Breath or Bad Taste: Persistent bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth may prompt the removal of a problematic tooth, restoring oral freshness and well-being.

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Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom teeth extraction

The last set of teeth to make their appearance in our mouths are the four sets of third molars, widely known as wisdom teeth. In many cases, surgical removal becomes necessary. While the reasons for removal can align with those mentioned earlier, it’s most frequently prompted by their misalignment. This misalignment can result in various issues, including cheek biting, exerted pressure on neighboring second molars, jaw stiffness, and difficulties in the smooth opening and closing of the jaws. Surgical extraction is often recommended to resolve these concerns and ensure optimal oral health.