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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In the later stages of life, our body undergoes the natural wear and tear process, which can result in the erosion or loss of tooth enamel or the overall structure of teeth. This erosion may affect a single tooth or all teeth. Several factors contribute to this loss of tooth structure, including involuntary teeth grinding, the development of cavities, or improper brushing techniques. Teeth grinding-related loss is termed “Attrition,” while loss due to improper brushing is labeled “Abrasion.” The formation of “cavities” in teeth is primarily a result of food particles getting lodged and causing “caries.”

Various treatment options are available to salvage affected teeth, such as root canal treatment and the placement of crowns or caps. For teeth that cannot be preserved, extraction becomes necessary, and replacements can be achieved through dental implants or bridging. The choice of treatment depends on the condition and health of the affected tooth, with our specialists at Aryas Dental and Implant Clinic  making informed decisions to ensure the best possible outcome.

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  • Full mouth restoration” entails comprehensive treatment for all teeth affected by decay or loss, following the recommended treatment plan.
  • When all teeth are “missing,” options for restoration involve using the support of “dental implants” or employing “removable prosthetics,” such as “dentures.”
  • If a collapsed bite results from attrition or missing posterior or anterior teeth, leading to difficulties in biting and chewing.
  • In cases where all teeth exhibit some level of “attrition” or decay, such as “cavities,” they may undergo “root canal treatment” if necessary or receive “capping or crowning” for restoration.

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